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… may be for free: if you were brief - and your question may be answered same way:

This might, however, not solve your problem yet - but may give you some feeling as to "… which way the wind will blow" (and hopefully not: "… where's the rub"!).

Quite often we may already reveal to you, which way things may go and how we'd recommend to proceed; if possible even, which cost you might incur approximately.

If you were anxious, that one of us might be conflicted or working for a competitor of yours, you may well raise this issue before you inquire - and exclude it herewith.

Absolute Discretion and Confidentiality is guaranteed from the very beginning; not only what your question was about - but also that you had inquired at all.

We offer this Service for free, because 'First Legal Aid' ( -/Service), run by the Vienna Bar, may not cover all areas of our expertise; your inquiry, however, will not constitute any mandate, nor contract, nor liability whatsoever!